What Can Chiropractors Do Other Than Fix Back and Neck Pain?

While it may be true that chiropractors specialize in dealing with conditions that effect the spine, all of our patients at Gonstead Family Chiropractic should already know that we do more than just look at your spines.  We are passionate about helping individuals gain a higher level of overall health.  Helping people attain this involves treating more than just the aches and pains they feel and examining their body as a whole.

Your doctors at Gonstead Family Chiropractic received extensive training in health sciences, approximately 4,200 hours of classroom, laboratory and clinical training. This training is similar to that of medical doctors but with much more emphasis on working within the natural healing capacity of the human body.  In some areas such as anatomy, physiology, nutrition and exercise science, we received more training than most medical doctors.  It is common for us to evaluate patients for a multitude of conditions ranging from migraine headaches, dizziness, neck and back pain, numbness, carpal tunnel, acid reflux, digestive disorders, arthritis(different kinds), fibromyalgia, leg, knee and foot pain( and many things in between).   We are known as spinal specialists because of the effect that the nervous system has on a person’s overall health, and the spine houses much of the body’s nervous system.  How your spine functions directly effects how your body functions so we want to make sure it is functioning at its best!

Our patients should also know that we take every effort to become a part of the local health care community and interact with other healthcare professionals in our area.  In many cases some of our best sources of patient referrals are from local medical doctors who have come to value our approach to dealing with our patients’ health concerns.  Because of these strong professional relationships we have formed, if we find an ailment outside of our scope of practice, or just feel another professional may be more appropriate for treating a certain condition, we know exactly who can address those needs for you.


-Dr. Steve Mitchell

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