Do You Have “Garden Back?”

I was sitting at my daughter’s softball game when I listened to a very interesting conversation. One lady said, “I have garden back” as she stretched in her lawn chair.  A different lady responded by saying “I’ve had it twice this year. It got better so I went back to gardening and then it was really bad.”

I responded by asking if this was a new diagnosis of the spine that I was unaware of? “Garden Back” has that kind of ring to it.
Here is the serious part. Activity is good for you. Previous writings from the doctors in our group have covered helpful hints to make spring work easier. I would like to point out another important perspective that is dangerous yet common in our society. The mistake is the assumption of being healthy based on not having symptoms. As the lady in the story did, we all assume ‘normal’ when the pain goes away.

I spend time everyday explaining that when the pain subsides it may be just that the swelling has reduced, yet the structural problem survives to come back with a vengeance later.  Many patients are surprised (even at young ages) that there is a degree of non’-repairable damage in their spine. This can be prevented if we take  a more proactive approach to knowing for sure that the spine is functioning normally. Being asymptomatic does not indicate normal function.

There is no good reason to not have your spine examined and treated properly only when need. Gonstead Chiropractors provide that course of action.


-Dr. Bradley Jackson

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