Can Chiropractic Help With Scolosis?

A lot of patients come in to our offices and say they have been diagnosed with “scoliosis” by another healthcare professional.  There are times when scoliosis is the result of more serious, pathological problems that chiropractic may not be able to help correct.  Scoliosis can also be the result of long standing “stuck” spinal joints.  The body will compensate by rotating/moving the other vertebrae to a position where they can help pick up the slack for the one that is stuck.  This allows you to continue to move and do normal activities without having any limitations in bending and twisting.

Over time, if left uncorrected, the scoliosis becomes harder to reverse.  If scoliosis is caught at a young age and those spinal joints that are stuck are fixed, there is a good chance that the child or young adult will “grow out” of the condition and not have any issues later in life.  This is why it is so important to have children under regular chiropractic care because catching these problems early on in childhood can prevent a lot of problems down the road as an adult.

In the Gonstead Technique, a full spine x-ray is taken before any chiropractic adjustments are given.  We take the time to look at this x-ray, compare it with our thorough examination and come up with a plan that is best suited for each patient.  When it comes to scoliosis, a chiropractic plan of care that works for one person may not be the best for someone else.  There are no “cookie cutter” plans in the Gonstead Technique, each patient has an individualized plan that is developed by the doctor.  If you know someone who has been diagnosed with “scolosis,”  it may be wise to get checked out one of our offices, we may be able to help!

-Dr. Bradley Mealy

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