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Why is Pain After An Adjustment Sometimes Worse?

Most patients that we see in our office get excellent results after adjustments.  They feel like they have more range of motion, less pain and feel like they have a better quality of life.  But what happens, if after an adjustment, you actually feel worse or the pain seems to increase?  Is it because the […]

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Do You Have “Garden Back?”

I was sitting at my daughter’s softball game when I listened to a very interesting conversation. One lady said, “I have garden back” as she stretched in her lawn chair.  A different lady responded by saying “I’ve had it twice this year. It got better so I went back to gardening and then it was […]

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Why do Gonstead Doctors Use X-rays?

Why do Gonstead Doctors use X-rays? This is a questions I am routinely  asked in my office by patients that may have seen another chiropractor prior to coming to my office that didn’t use x-rays to evaluate their condition.  The answer is really very simple; it is better to know than it is to guess […]

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