What is Gonstead?


The Gonstead Technique

Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead (1898-1978) was one of the original innovators in the chiropractic field and his work is the foundation of the Gonstead Technique utilized by the doctors at Gonstead Family Chiropractic. This technique has become the gold standard for the entire chiropractic profession.

With a background in mechanical engineering, Dr. Gonstead saw the human spine as an intricate engineering wonder and he studied it every chance he had. His work with thousands of spinal cases, his constant clinical studies of the spine, and his own innate knowledge of how the spine works, explained his ingenuity in finding, identifying and correcting problems with the spine that no one else could.

The Gonstead System gives rise to a specific, definite approach to every segment of the spinal column. The detailed analysis includes instrumentation, digital palpation, motion palpation, visualization, and x-ray measurement followed by adjusting the joints of the spine by hand only!

At Gonstead Family Chiropractic, our doctors are trained exclusively in the Gonstead System. There is clinical logic to every decision that is made for each and every patient. Gonstead doctors do not randomly adjust patients and hope for the best. Gonstead doctors also do not perform the same treatment to every patient. Gonstead doctors know where to treat a patient, which direction to adjust and they also know when to stop. Knowledge of these details also makes a Gonstead doctor able to determine when referrals are needed to other healthcare professionals.

At Gonstead Family Chiropractic, we pride ourselves in doing things the right way. We know whether we can help a patient or not by first collecting all of the important information. We consider the “tissue of origin” causing the symptom and know how to determine the fastest way to correct it.