Let’s Not Presume Any Longer

We presume that Chiropractic care is cost effective. Unfortunately that is mostly because we see the cost per visit as a much lower number as compared to surgery and such. Let’s not presume any longer.

In the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, June 2014, 56(6) 604-620 reports a significant finding of cost comparisons care. The general conclusion is that Chiropractic care costs significantly less than other forms of care that were studied.
I would add that side effects of medication and invasive procedures might tip the scales even further. What I mean is that there are added costs for treating other symptoms when side effects occur as well as long term issues that will require treatment again later in life.
Many other blogs by my partners have discussed the benefits of Chiropractic care. Benefits aside…If there were no insurance coverage of any kind and your check book was the only financial means of paying for care, what decision is best?
-Dr. Bradley Jackson
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